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A Shoulder to Lean On

By Amy Gordy, Photography by Katie Childs

Angeletta Giles hasn’t missed a beat since her 10-year-old daughter, Londyn, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 4. She was ready to accept the challenge, and has since found a calling in helping other families of special needs children.


Slow Down for Fast Food

Story and Photography by Kerry Guice 

Most kids love the novelty of fast food, but it’s scary to think about what goes into a lot of the products they sell as “food.” These simple, kid-friendly recipes will be your family’s new favorite “happy meals.”

The Face of Addiction

By Dwain Hebda

Heroin overdoses bring America’s drug epidemic close to home. Central Arkansas has seen its fair share of overdoses, and opioids don’t discriminate when it comes to race, gender or age.