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Roll Up Your Sleeves
For the Great Arkansas Cleanup!

By Jill Rohrbach

Arkansas, The Natural State, is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor landscapes, ripe for adventure. Exploring it can mean spending time on a city playground, hiking state park trails, canoeing a free-flowing stream or driving a scenic highway to your favorite destination. 

But litter spoils the experience for everyone and it often can be found on Arkansas’s 600,000 acres of lakes, 9,700 miles of streams and 100,000 acres of public roadside along its 16,367-mile state highway system.


A+ Breakfast Ideas

Story and Photography by Kerry Guice 

The first week of school was all freshly pressed uniforms, hot biscuits, eggs and bacon, and leaving the house with plenty of time to spare. Now, we’re into the second month of school and patting ourselves on the back for remembering to buy more milk for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch the kids eat out of a cup on the morning commute with hair that may or may not have seen a comb. Sound familiar? 

The Power of
Creative Thinking

By Dwain Hebda

“Data shows after two years of trying to play an instrument a child’s brain changes. Their test scores in math and science are improved,” said Barbara Burroughs, director of education and community engagement for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.


Homegrown Farm Families

If You Can't Teach, Farm

Tara Stainton set aside her teaching degrees to pursue a passion in organic farming

Milk It For All Its Worth

Family-owned Honeysuckle Cattle Company got its roots in dairy, and has grown into much more