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Make the right moves after high school

By Dwain Hebda

Contrary to what you might have heard it's no walk in the park to be in high school these days. The world is a dangerous, uncertain and competitive place, and the added stress that comes with choosing a college can be overwhelming.

Happily, there are options and strategies for students and their families to consider which path to take, including the traditional four-year route, two-year community colleges, and skills training that prepares young people for a variety of careers. Let's look at some pros and cons of each.


Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals

Story and Photography by Kerry Guice 

Every stage of having kids has its perks and hardships. The first two years are a foggy, blissful blur of long nights, squishy snuggles, diaper changes and never leaving the house. Then life turns into an exciting tornado of blossoming personalities, potty training and lots of chasing (lots and lots of chasing). 

Stepping Through School Days

By Dwain Hebda

From the clean-slate promise of new school supplies to the wide grins of first-day photos and the anticipation leading up to that first bell, heading back to school is a landmark event no matter how many times you go through it.


Collegians Share First-year Wisdom