Savvy's 10 Under 10

This group of Savvy's 10 Under 10 is making big waves in the juvenile world. Selected from reader nominations by proud parents and grandparents, they represent the next generation of Arkansas' innovators and visionaries to make strides in paleontology, sports, engineering, art, clothing design and more.

Photography by Lily Darragh


Camille Dion Brooks

This bright, bubbly 6-year-old has plenty of personality to go around. She and her brother, Carter, are "Irish twins" at only 9 months apart. They live with their mom, Carmen Bradford, in Little Rock. Here's what Mom had to say about her tenacious "twins":

 Camille is the embodiment of a girlie girl. Pink frilly things, cheerleading and an attitude as bright as the sun brings her and those around her nothing but laughs and joy. Math comes very easily to Camille. Her last teacher once expressed being worried about her attention span in class, but she knocked every test out the park!


Carter Devin Brooks

Not afraid of any sport, Carter is on track to be an all-star on any team he plays for. Here's what Mom had to say about her awesomely athletic 5-year-old:

Carter is all boy down to his favorite muddy shoes because he can never resist jumping in puddles. He loves to color everything. He’ll color his face, and yours if you let him. He's undoubtedly, a future artist and mathematician in the making, and he loves every sport!


Maya Valley

She's a 7-year-old Picasso-in-the-making. Maya loves art and honing her skills in any medium she can get her hands on. She lives in North Little Rock with parents, Anthony and Stacey Valley. Here's what Mom had to say about her young artist:

Maya is an aspiring artist and started taking art lessons back in January from local artist Virmarie Depoyster. Maya's paintings are quite remarkable for her age, and she loves mixing colors. Now she's learning how to model clay. She recently had her art on display at Fellowship North through the month of August.


Isaiah "Zay" Michael Freeman

He's a polite young man who's full of sunshine and ready to spread it wherever he goes! This 7-year-old was nominated by his grandma, for his attention to his younger siblings and readiness to help around the house. He lives in Bryant with parents, Kenneth and Heidi Freeman. Here's what Zay's "Nonna," Deborah Phillips, had to say about her bottled sunshine:

This infectious, megawatt smile comes from his helpful, generous heart. Zay has three younger siblings whom he adores. His little sister just started kindergarten, and he walks her to her class every morning and checks on her at lunchtime to make sure she finds a place to sit and people to talk to. In the mornings, he helps make the beds and reminds his siblings to brush their teeth. His brother relies on "Bubba" to help with his shoes, as they get ready for school. Zay also has a new baby sister. She already smiles when she sees him and loves having him read to her before bedtime.


Bryson Matthew Hardin

Model, actor, clothing designer, sports fanatic. Bryson is not your typical 8-year-old with tons of professional acting and modeling under his belt, the future is bright for this limelight-loving kid. He lives in Little Rock, and his parents are Joy Matthews and Ventrica Hardin. Here's what Mom had to say about her rising star:

Bryson is proof that a parent's love combined with hard work and dedication can not only beat the statistical odds, but also blaze new trails in the pursuit of purpose! Bryson has had the opportunity to participate in several commercials, campaigns, magazine features, fashion shows and modeling events. When he's not busy in the limelight, he is a normal 8-year-old who considers himself one of the biggest UAPB Golden Lion and Arkansas Razorback fans. On any given Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday he can be found with his parents serving at the local shelter, or giving back to those less fortunate in some capacity. 


Evan Dziadek

He's got book smarts and a passion for athletics. Evan is a well-rounded 7-year-old who had an amazing determination and loves making new friends. He lives in North Little Rock with his parents, Dave and Lisa Dziadek. Here's what Mom had to say:

Evan loves to learn and is constantly amazing us with all that he knows. He gets very upset if he misses school for any reason.  He collided with a friend last year on the playground, and had a huge knot on his head. The nurse called to let us know, but he refused to let me check him out because he wouldn’t earn the “Perfect Attendance” award if I did. He won an award for reading the most chapter books in his class last year, and his teachers say he’s a rock star! He plays baseball, soccer and basketball.


Champ & Trinity Driggers

Opposites attract with these 7-year-old twins, who, according to Mom, couldn't be more different. Champ and Trinity may be different, but they've got each other's back, and that's what being a sibling is all about. They live in Maumelle with their parents, Dan and Kim Driggers. Here's what Mom had to say about her rambunctious duo:

Champ and Trinity are fabulous together. They are funny, kind, creative and joined at the hip. What makes them unique as a set of twins, is they are so very different from one another, yet they are best friends. Given their opposing interests, it's not surprising that they rarely "play" together, and have never really bonded during playtime. Instead, their connection forms in the day-to-day experiences growing up as a twin. When they stand up for each other to bullies on the playground, when they keep secrets from mom and dad, when they wrestle on the couch in the afternoons, and when they snuggle in bed at night are times when these two bond as friends and siblings.  They smile and giggle and wrestle more than any other set of twins that I have ever met. I am so privileged to be their mom. I know they will continue to grow their bond as they grow older. I can't wait to watch what they do next!


Nyla Elise Carter

She's sweet and vivacious, all wrapped up in a tiny package! Nyla is 5 years old with a determination that will lead her to do great things. She lives in Sherwood with her parents, Demetrius and Jazmin Carter. Here's what Mom had to say about her:

Nyla is a joy to all she meets. She has an eagerness to learn and loves life. She strives and is determined to do her best in all things.  She had a week of assessment testing in school and her only concern was, "Mom, if they ask me to draw a star I cannot do that. I can recognize a star, but I cannot draw one."  I found out that she was the only one in her class to make a perfect score on the test. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my little girl!


Carter McKewen

This 6-year-old guy was a pillar of strength for his momma as their family transitioned through a divorce. He's sensitive, caring and always finds the brighter side of any situation. He lives with his mom, Tabitha Ransom, in Little Rock. Here's what Mom had to say about her tender tyke:

I was a stay home mom until Carter could begin day care at the age of 2. After the divorce, I was working full time and had full custody. Carter is now 6, and as time has gone by, he encourages me and always seems to see the brighter side of things. He makes great grades, won trophies in baseball last season and got a bible trophy last school year. He loves trains and math, and already says he wants to be an engineer. He is not only my son but a boy that loves his momma with encouraging words, laughter and lots of hugs when I didn't even ask.