Savvy's 5 Under 5

Meet Savvy's reader-nominated 5 Under 5! These kids represent some of the state's most animated movers and shakers—literally. They were nominated by proud parents and family members for their vast accomplishments including counting to 20, seamless transitions through potty training, eating all their vegetables and much more.  

Photography by Lily Darragh

Savvy's Five Under 5

Lori Anne King

This talented 2-year-old is tackling milestones and shows no signs of slowing down. She lives in Conway with her parents, Carl and Sarah King. Here’s what Mom had to say about her tenacious toddler:

What amazes us most about Lori Anne’s development, thus far, is just how quickly she grasps certain concepts. She learned the alphabet almost overnight, and began counting and identifying numbers and letters by sight (even out of sequence) well before her second birthday! Her motor skills and coordination, according to her pediatrician, have also been very advanced. Lori reached milestones for rolling, crawling, standing, and walking much earlier than all of her playmates, and recently started dancing and singing completely on her own.


Kenneth Wayne “Tripp” Freeman III

It’s a big name for a big personality! Kenneth Wayne “Tripp” Freeman III is 3 years old, and a very recent big brother who is loving his new role. He lives in Bryant with his parents, Kenneth and Heidi Freeman. Here’s what Mom had to say about helpful handful:

I would like to nominate Tripp for his progress with potty training. It may seem like a small thing, but any mom can tell you that when your child starts going in the potty, it's like winning the lottery! He also recently became a big brother, which helped with his eagerness in becoming a "big boy." Like his older siblings, Tripp has also taken a liking to being a big brother and helping with the baby. As a working mom of four, they have all made my job as a wife, mother and teacher easier. Although Tripp is only three, he too, eagerly helps with small tasks such as throwing diapers away and passing me clean ones. 


Carson Shavers Maxwell

He’s the strong, not-so-silent type. Carson Shavers Maxwell is 15 months old and already learning how to charm the ladies, dismantle towers of blocks and squeal with delight in the car. He lives in Little Rock with his parents, Chris Maxwell and Courtney Bradford. Here’s what Mom had to say about her dimpled dumpling:

Carson’s smile and personality will brighten any room that he enters! He has his Dad’s social butterfly spirit and charming way with the ladies. He also has a calm and reserved side, which he gets from mommy. Carson uses his unusual strength to power climb up and down the stairs, and he’s also recently started walking. Carson loves to take apart his blocks and anything that seems “too organized.” He started sleeping through the night when he was 9 months old, which I attribute to keeping him on a schedule. He is very adamant about feeding himself especially when it’s cheese or mashed potatoes. Our family trips to the store are never dull when Carson decides to test out his vocal cords by talking and yelling as loud as he can to hear his own echoing voice.


Rylin Grace Nguyen

Poised and pageant-ready, 3-year-old Rylin Grace is the reigning 2016 Tiny Miss International Girl and reigning princess of her home in Benton with parents, Linh and Rhonda Nguyen. Here’s what Mom had to say about her surprise bundle of joy:

At birth, Rylin only weighed two pounds. Even though she was tiny and her start was uncertain, she hasn’t missed a beat! She is the youngest of our three children and the princess of our home. After being married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years and having two teenage boys, we thought our lives were complete, but the good Lord had other plans for our family and blessed us with a little girl who I know will do big things! Rylin enjoys natural pageants, cheerleading and cheer stunting. One of the best things about Rylin is that she not only has outer beauty she also has inner beauty. She is so kind to others and supports her little friends already at a young age. She is such a happy child and makes friends of all ages everywhere we go.


Jack Slade

A foodie in the making, this gardening 4-year-old loves trying new vegetable and developing his green thumb. He lives in Little Rock with his parents, David and Kelly Slade. Here’s what Mom had to say about her future garden guru:

This is Jack Slade, our 4-year-old food lover! When asked what vegetables he prefers, he happily shouts "All of them!" He began developing his sophisticated palate as a young baby with a preference for peas. He moved on to savory braised meat dishes and even salmon with carrots and orange zest, broiled salmon and roasted Brussels sprouts, a family favorite. This summer has been extra fun because Jack grew his own carrots from seeds. He planted them with his Poppa, cared for them the whole season and enjoyed so many as after school snacks.