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Get your brand or cause in front of a passionate group of Arkansas women and mothers


300x250 Website Ad $150/month
Expect around 2,500 impressions. Runs on all pages.

728x90 Website Ad $200/month
Expect around 3,500 impressions. Runs on all pages.

Email Shoutout $150 per email
Our monthly email, MEMO, has thousands of eager recipients looking for the next local deal or event.

Sponsored Video $300/month
Expect around 3,500 impressions. Runs on homepage and is posted to Facebook for our 6,000 followers.
Production not included.

Social Post $100 per post
Your content or ad is posted to our Facebook and Instagram feeds for our 6,000 followers. Your ad must include an offer for our readers (discounts, coupons, sales, etc.).

Forum Sponsorship $500/month
Place your ad banner on the Savvy forums and get thousands of impressions from women and moms eager to find new products and services.

The Savvy Audience

3,500 monthly pageviews
65% central Arkansas traffic
88% women
Age 25 - 34 : 20%
Age 35 - 44 : 32%
Age 45 - 55 : 18%
Over 6,000 social fans


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