Book-Smart Style

Kids are ready to hit the books and want to look good doing it! Get your pupil ready with a few fashionable essentials and extras from local shops. 

Back to School Style

1. Carry scholarly essentials in this kid-sized backpack by State. The stand-out unisex pack is loaded with zipper pockets and pouches to keep organized, and an interior lined with a city map to add an extra touch of style. For every backpack sold, the company donates a backpack full of school essentials to an American child in need! Available at Bologna Joe’s,

2. If your to-do list never gets shorter then this handy, pocket-sized notepad is perfect when you’re on-the-go or off to class. It’s lined to help keep things straight! Available at Stifft Station Gifts,

3. Fidget spinners are trendy toys to soothe those with wandering minds. We don’t know if they work, but they’re fun! Pick up this one with pink cheetah print at Bologna Joe’s,

4. For the big birds leaving the nest and heading to college, don’t forget to pack some tech essentials. This canvas iPad case by Izola has a zipper closure and a padded interior for extra protection. White lettering makes an important pro-local library statement. Available at Stifft Station Gifts,

5. This set of three ninja erasers makes making mistakes fun! Stealthy ninjas in red, blue and black are ready to come to the rescue when solving those tough math problems. Available at Stifft Station Gifts,

6. Dazzle your senses with these brightly colored scented pens with glitter ink. Perfect for writing notes to friends or keeping a color-coded calendar, you’ll love the pretty ink and delightful aromas. Available at Stifft Station Gifts,

7. Tote your lunch in style with this washable organic cotton zipper lunch pouch by Fluff. The multi-colored cacti create a vibrant landscape to hold a full-sized lunch and drink. Don’t be afraid to throw it in the wash after a spill! Available at Bologna Joe’s,