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Thrifty Halloween Thrillers

Halloween is a time for tricks, treats and parties! Whether you are looking for a safe alternative to trick-or-treating or are just in a wicked party spirit, a halloween party is something kids and adults will love.

Story and Styling by Amy Gordy and Katie Hassell, Photography by Katie Childs

Kids of all ages love Halloween. It’s a fun time of year to get creative and let your spooky side shine! Throwing a Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive; there are tons of DIY options for costumes, crafts and edible concoctions that won’t have you slaving away for weeks in preparation. Check out Savvy’s suggestions for how to have a low-budget, high-thrill Halloween. 


No-Sew Superhero Capes

You’ll need:
T-shirt several sizes larger than your child

How to:
1. Lay your shirt out flat with the front facing up.  
2. Cut only one layer of the shirt starting at the bottom edge at the side seams and going towards the arms. Cut behind the arms and over the shoulders. Then around the neckline.  

Mask and Power Wristbands

You’ll need:
Felt in any color you want
Hot glue
No-sew Velcro

Mask how-to:
1. Draw out a mask template, then trace the template on the felt. 
2. Cut out your mask and eyeholes.
3. Cut two 12-inch lengths of ribbon. Then glue one length to each side of the back of the mask. 

Powerband how-to:
1. Cut 2-inch-wide strips of felt.
2. Attach the Velcro to one end and wrap the felt strip around your child’s wrist. Cut off any excess felt and attach the other end of the Velcro. 
3. Use leftover felt to cut out stars and shapes to decorate the mask and wristbands. 


Bandit Loot Bag

You’ll need:
White pull-string bag
Black permanent marker

How to:
1. Insert paper inside of bag so that the marker will not bleed through.
2. Draw a $ symbol in pencil. Fill it in with the permanent marker.