Craft With Seashells by the Seashore

After a beach vacation, you're bound to bring home a bounty of seashells and other shoreline treasures. Hunting for unique shells is a great way to keep little ones occupied, and transforming their treasures into beachy crafts turns them into keepsakes!

Seashell craft materials

Treasured Trinkets

You’ll Need
• Crayola Air-Dry Clay
• A favorite seashell
• String
• Crayola Model Magic Glossy Glaze
• Beads
• Acrylic paint and glitter (optional)
• Paintbrush

Seashell craft

How To
Grab a hunk of clay and mold it into a pendant. Be sure to keep the pendant at least .-inch thick so it won’t crack when it dries. Poke a hole with the tip of a paintbrush or pen, where you will attach the string later. Press a beautiful seashell firmly into the clay and either dip it in glitter, paint it after it dries, or leave it a natural color. Let it dry for 24 hours then brush a layer of Glossy Glaze to preserve it. Pull a string through the hole and add a bead or two to create a beachy-keen pendant necklace or keychain.

seashell craft

Fishing Net Jar

You’ll Need
• A large, blue Mason jar
• Twine of medium thickness
• Scissors
• Sand
• Seashells

How To
Tie a loose string around the neck of the Mason jar. Cut seven lengths of twine, each one six times the height of the jar. Double them over and attach them, evenly spaced, around the string on the neck of the jar. Connect each string to the one to the left and right of it with a simple knot. Repeat this diamond pattern until you reach the bottom of the jar. Cut a length of rope slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the jar. Attach the woven strings to the bottom circle, securing the jar’s netting. Wrap extra twine around the neck of the jar. Fill the jar with your favorite beach finds. Start with a layer of sand, and add all the shells you like!