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Thrifty Halloween Thrillers

Halloween is a time for tricks, treats and parties! Whether you are looking for a safe alternative to trick-or-treating or are just in a wicked party spirit, a halloween party is something kids and adults will love.

Story and Styling by Amy Gordy and Katie Hassell, Photography by Katie Childs

Kids of all ages love Halloween. It’s a fun time of year to get creative and let your spooky side shine! Throwing a Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive; there are tons of DIY options for costumes, crafts and edible concoctions that won’t have you slaving away for weeks in preparation. Check out Savvy’s suggestions for how to have a low-budget, high-thrill Halloween. 




Freaky Fanta Float

Kids love orange soda! Top that off with a frothy scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have a spooky dessert drink everyone is sure to scream for. Just fill a cup 2/3 full with orange soda, plop in a scoop of ice cream and add a sprinkle of candy corn if you need a little more sugar. 

Scary Cherry Spritzer

Your mini mad scientist will love this interactive drink! Just fill a glass with ice and Sprite about 2/3 full and let them slowly inject it with a plastic toy syringe filled with an ounce of grenadine. The sweet cherry syrup will trickle through the ice for a spooky effect, and add a fun, fruity twist to the lemon/lime soda! 

Caramel Apple Bar Halloween party idea

Wicked Witch's Hat

These desserts are pretty messy but worth the amount of wicked fun they bring to the party (just have wipes handy!). 

You’ll need:
Sugar cones
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Round cookie wafers 
Small candies for filler

Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl by zapping them in 30-second increments and then stirring until the chocolate is warm and smooth. Paint the chocolate onto the sugar cone, decorate with sprinkles and fill the cone with candies (we used M&Ms, Reeces Pieces and candy corn). Paint a ring of chocolate around the rim of the cone and seal it shut with a cookie or wafer. Place the filled cone in the fridge to let the chocolate set for 10 minutes. Remove the cone and use icing to create the hat’s band and buckle and serve!


Pumpkin Pizza Pockets

It’s a good idea to serve a savory, hearty item or two to help absorb all that sugar! Kids will love these cute pumpkin-shaped pizza pockets. Feel free to get creative when carving the faces and fill them with your own favorite ingredients.


You’ll need:
9-inch roll-out pie crust
Shredded mozzerella
Marinara sauce for dipping
A sharp knife
Wax paper

Let the pie crust come to room temperature and roll it out on wax paper sprinkled in flour. Roll the crust out to about 12 inches diameter, and, using a sharp knife, cut out a large pumpkin shape. Place that shape on top of the dough and trace around it with the knife so you get two pumpkins the same size and shape. Carve a pumpkin face into one of the shapes. Sprinkle the cheese on the faceless shape (leave a small border clear around the edges), top it with pepperonis and lay the Jack-o-lantern face on top. Seal it by going around the edges and pressing with the teeth of a fork. Make an egg wash by whisking one egg and a tablespoon of water, brush the tops of the pizzas with the egg wash. Place the pumpkin pizzas on a baking dish lined with wax paper and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.