Handmade Pillows for Your Love
Stuff some love into these no-sew,
heart-shaped pillows 



You will need:
• 2 pieces of fleece, ½ yard of each color, red and pink 
• Small amount of Poly-fil 
• Scissors
• Pen or chalk
• 2 sheets of paper to draw your heart template (bigger sheets for bigger hearts)

How to:
1. Draw two hearts on your paper. One the desired size of your finished pillow and the second should be 1 inch larger. Cut out the templates. 

2. Stack the two colors of fleece. Trace the larger heart on the fleece with chalk and cut out one from each color at the same time. 

3. Trace the smaller heart in the middle of one of the large fleece hearts using a pencil or piece of chalk. 

4. With the two large hearts stacked together, begin cutting the fringe around the heart. Cut them in ¼- to ½-inch increments from the edge to the line of the inner heart you traced. 

5. Begin tying knots using one fringe from the top heart and one from the bottom. Continue all the way around until there are about 3-4 inches left. 

6. Stuff the heart-shaped pillow with Poly-fil, then finish tying the remaining fringe.