Hanging Butterfly Feeder

Hanging Butterfly Feeder

Nothing adds life and color to the garden like butterflies! They are easy to attract if you plant a few of their favorites like butterfly bush, zinnia, allium and purple coneflower. Sweeten the deal for your winged friends by creating a homemade butterfly feeder with a few things from around the house. Kids will love this project! It’s fun, and easy, and the more colorful you get, the better!


  • An empty glass jug or bottle with a screw cap
  • Rope or twine
  • Paint
  • Adhesive stencils
  • Hammer and nail
Hanging Butterfly Feeder


1. Wash the jar and lid. Butterflies are drawn to bright colors, so choose your most colorful paints. Stick adhesive stencils (we used Martha Stewart brand) to the jar and paint them. Peel off stencils while paint is still wet, then wipe down the stencils before the paint dries or you’ll have gunky stencils. Cover as much of the jar as you can.

2. To set the paint, either let the jar dry for a few days in the sun, or set the painted jar in the oven, bring the temperature to 350 degrees, then turn the oven off and let the jar sit while the oven cools down.

3. To create your rope net, tie a shorter string around the neck of the bottle loosely. Leave the ends of the loop about 5 inches long. Cut four lengths of rope at least six times the height of your bottle. Double them all over and loop them through the rope at the neck and space out evenly. Begin to join the four sections by knotting the outside string of one section to the section beside it. Continue this to the bottom of the bottle. Flip the bottle upside down and knot all the rope together in one big knot.

5. Hammer a nail to puncture the lid of your bottle to a size that is just large enough for the two 5-inch strings from the top rope to stick through. The nectar will soak into the strings and feed the butterflies.

To make the nectar mix 1 part sugar with 3 parts water. Fill up your bottle, secure the lid making sure there are no leaks, and hang your feeder!