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Central Arkansas offers so much variety when it comes to youth sports, each varying in levels of intensity, time commitment and cost. Here’s a guide to get your sporty youngster on the field, court, course or mat!

By Dwain Hebda Photography by Brian Chilson


Snow Cones & Summertime


Story and Photography by Kerry Guice 

On our Summer Bucket List every year we include hosting a lemonade stand. Sometimes we charge 50 cents, and I let the kids save the money. Sometimes we open the stand for donations to our favorite charities and I let the kids experience what it’s like to volunteer their time to help others. I have to say, we usually have more fun giving the money away, and this summer was no exception.

Is Homeschool Right
for You?


By Angela E. Thomas

School choice empowers parents to make the best possible choice for their children’s education, and for many parents the best choice is homeschool. In Arkansas, nearly 19,500 students “attended” school provided by their parents or legal guardians in 2016-17. 



Girls On a Mission

Five Central Arkansas teens are on a mission to help others and inspire