Lighten Up This Summer

Everyone deserves to enjoy the summertime, so lighten up and offload some of your chores to folks who can do it for you—and do it well

By KD Reep

Lighten Up This Summer

Remember when you couldn’t wait for summer? Plans to spend every sunny hour at the pool, bleaching your hair with sun-in, dreaming of the next school year. Sis, times have changed. Today, you dread when June arrives because that means your kids are out of school and prepared to destroy everything you’ve worked for in your life—a clean home, stocked fridge and a car all your own. 

Somewhere between these two lies survival. There is no shame in asking for help, and you can find it here. Whether you need help with meals, housework, tutoring, shopping, entertainment or a host of other essentials, you can find it locally and at a reasonable price. 

If you’re afraid your kids will do more damage than dusting, hire a home cleaning service to tidy your home once a week or once a month. There are several in Central Arkansas, including Merry Maids, RoRo Cleaning Service and Moppin’ Mamas, which are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Another service is Molly Maids of Greater Little Rock, which is a national franchise located in Little Rock. You choose how and what you would like for the service to clean in your home, including using eco-friendly products or adding on laundry to overall house cleaning. The time and stress you save in deleting housework from your to-do list is invaluable to you and your family. 

If your kids are involved in so many activities that you can’t get everyone to sit down to a meal together, much less have time to shop, cook and serve meals, then consider hiring a meal prep service. There are local services that can help with preparing a complete meal your family will love, and most deliver. Fresh n’Lean, Clean Eatery, Health Chew and Dayjenay are local companies who deliver prepared food. If you need something last minute for a bigger crowd (like a sleepover), Chef Shuttle can pick up what you need and bring it to your home, church or backyard for a small delivery fee. 

If you’re still on the fence about hiring help for meals, consider doing it as a way to help someone in your community. The Dandy Line Kitchen is a food delivery service of freshly prepared, healthy, delicious and affordable meals made in part by the social enterprise program of Hope Rises. This nonprofit provides holistic services to previously incarcerated women to improve their health and well-being, and provide opportunities for personal growth and empowerment. All proceeds benefit the mission of Hope Rises. 

Listen, it will be over 100 degrees soon enough. Do you really have the time and energy to yank the mower and edger awake and whack at your lawn? Let a professional do it. Clippers Lawns & Landscape, Fairway Lawns and Horticare are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and skilled at keeping your lawn's edges in line. If a lawn service isn’t what you need, but you do need some help around the yard, look for students in your neighborhood who are looking to make a few bucks between school years. You can keep an eye on them while they do the sweating. 

Sometimes, mamas need a day (or week) off, too. Send your kids to a local camp at the Arkansas Arts Center, Ferncliff, Lake Nixon, the Clinton Presidential Center or any number of outlets that offer everything your little ones could desire. 

Letting your dog frolic with your kids in lakes or streams always seems like a good idea until it’s time for them to climb into the car or your home. Leave the washing and brushing to the pros. Visit Chenal Pet Palace, PAWSitive Reflections, The Doggie Spa, Bellevue Animal Clinic or Happy Days Groom & Board for grooming services for pets in Central Arkansas. 

Maintaining your style can be daunting, especially when your free time and money goes to your kids. Put yourself back on your priority list and look like a million bucks when you subscribe to a personal shopping service. There are several online, including Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and Stylit, and they all work similarly, including free shipping and returns as well as high-quality clothes from which to choose. If you love to shop but don’t have the time, consider joining an online subscription service to keep you in style. 

Whether you have the time and funds to do one, some or all of these, the services will help you look forward to summer instead of dread it. And the one thing a kid loves more than his mother is a mom who’s relaxed.