Chaos & Control

A passion for organization brings out mom’s entrepreneurial spirit

By KD Reep


Organization seems a luxury these days. Electronics, gadgets and remotes of every kind tout how they can make life easier, but what to do with them and where to put them once they’re task is done has spawned a new problem.

Enter LeAnn Wolf, the mastermind behind Mind Over Matter. A professional organizing company, Mind Over Matter consults with residential, small business and contractor clients for organization, staging for sale and moving services. In fact, Mind Over Matter works directly with contractors to create computer-drafted plans and design closets for new construction and remodeled homes, and it works with clients to inventory items and develop a plan to make a space its most functional.

While organizing has always been in her blood, the mom to sons Cruz and Beckham and wife to Russell left her careers as a registered nurse and pharmaceutical sales representative to launch her professional organizing company.

“As an entrepreneur at heart, I followed my dream by stepping out of my conventional career to create Mind Over Matter,” LeAnn says. “After 15 years in the medical field, I decided I could no longer deny my calling to step out of the box and start my own business. To say I’m passionate about organizing would be an understatement. It just comes naturally and intuitively to me, and after years of helping friends and family get organized, I quickly started to realize my love for organizing is a rarity—most people find organizing intimidating and perplexing. I learned that by doing something that comes easily to me, I was significantly transforming the lives of others. The positive impact I was having on people’s lives was amazingly fulfilling and gratifying, and that’s when I knew I had to follow my dream and start organizing professionally.”

Material organization isn’t the only way in which LeAnn is organized. After working for a large corporation for almost a decade, she listened to what her mind and heart told her were the best next steps for her career.

“I'm a 110-percent kind of person so I was continually going above and beyond,” she says. “I offered my ideas and dedication to a large corporation because it was the ‘safe’ and ‘structured’ thing to do. Then one day I turned 36 and realized that life is too short to be putting so much time and effort into a career that I didn't love while continuing to sit on my vision and dream of creating Mind Over Matter. I didn't want to wake up one day and say, ‘I wish I had taken that chance.’ That's when I decided to make it happen, and it's been the best business decision I've ever made.”

Owning and managing your own business can be hairy all on its own, but couple that with having a family, and time can seem like an enemy. LeAnn applies her organizational skills to this conundrum to keep both her professional and personal lives on track.

“Owning my own business allows me to create a schedule that works for the dynamics of our family,” she says. “Sometimes it gets tricky, but I'm lucky to have a very involved husband that puts in just as much time and effort as I do to make it all work. With both kids being involved in multiple extracurricular activities, we have to really plan out our week and all stay on the same page. I fit in as many Mind Over Matter hours as I possibly can while the kids are at school, and when I pick them up, we focus on school, soccer, baseball, basketball, hip hop dance class, volunteering—whatever the season brings. Tailoring my schedule to facilitate their activities is something that's really important to me.”

While LeAnn finds the most satisfaction in helping her clients get organized and relieve that source of stress in their lives, her own satisfaction comes from creating and pursuing a career that she loves.

“Being a mom and an entrepreneur has changed my life by showing me the incredible happiness and fulfillment I get from creating a business that allows me to do what I love every day,” she says. “It has shown me that it's imperative to teach my kids it is okay to step out on a limb and take chances as well as encourage them to create a path in their lives that will allow them to do the things they are passionate about, even if it’s not the most conventional route. It's made me want to be an example to them by letting them see what building a brand involves and how it affects all aspects of life so they will always feel confident to make their own opportunities in life instead of waiting on opportunities to come to them.”