Healthy Mom

Elizabeth Finch flips the script on health and wealth

By KD Reep

 If true wealth is good health, Elizabeth Finch is one of the richest women around. A certified health coach, Elizabeth practices what she preaches.

“As a wife and mother, I had to ask myself: In all of the many things to be done in the day, where did I fit in?  I had to take a step back and figure out where to find the time to make room for my health and my well-being without taking away from the most important part of my day—my family. I found myself back at that very frustrating answer that there are never enough hours in the day.”

Elizabeth told herself that she was taking care of what mattered most, which was her husband, Brandon, daughters Mary Kate and Emme, and the family’s toy Australian shepherd, Scout. Something kept nagging at her, however, and she finally determined it was because she was leaving herself out of the equation.

Elizabeth is a certified health coach with an online business that includes her website and blog, where she share’s healthy recipes and free health-coaching tips, as well as run online nutrition and weight loss programs. She is also an independent distributor with USANA Health Sciences, her product partner for her online programs.

“Ultimately I started my own business so I could have the freedom to spend time with my little girls whenever I wanted. My work is somewhat untraditional, and I work from home, but this gives me incredible freedom to run to school to eat lunch with them, accompany them on field trips and run them to after-school activities,” she says. “I have learned to use my time wisely when they’re at school so time management is definitely something I’ve worked on since first starting three years ago.”

Her passion for health nutrition led to health coaching, which led to another passion: Inspiring people to take charge of their health and make positive changes in their lives. “I truly love helping others so for me, the testimonials and excited emails I get from my clients make it all worth it,” Elizabeth says.

While seeing the progress her clients make is the best part of her career, Elizabeth views the negative pressure placed on women as a challenge. “Women have so many demands placed on us every day, and the pressure to look a certain way is hard on us mentally, physically and emotionally,” she says. “I want women to realize the importance of feeling healthy, having tons of energy, a lifted mood and freedom from craving unhealthy foods. This is what better nutrition can offer women, but I want the focus to be more on the way it makes us feel and being happy with ourselves and less on how we look and what other people think.”

Elizabeth got out of this rut herself by prioritizing her family and herself first. “I wake early to get time in for myself—exercise, reading and quiet time. Then it’s all about the girls when they’re here unless I have the occasional late afternoon phone call or computer task. I find that power hours work incredibly well for me during the day when I have the house to myself, and I stick to my to-do list as closely as possible to stay on track.”

While Elizabeth and her business have flourished, it’s her husband and daughters who have benefited, too.

“My husband is incredibly supportive,” she says. “He’s amazing and does everything he can do to help me with the girls. I really love to cook dinner, which is one of my favorite things to do each day, but he’s also wonderful in the kitchen and more than happy to step in and take over the dinner duties if I’m tied up with a task. My whole family has been really supportive, and my oldest daughter even says she wants to be a health coach when she grows up.”

As an entrepreneur, Elizabeth believes that money and happiness are not mutually exclusive, and wealth isn’t only defined by money and possessions.

“Too often, wellness professionals get discouraged because they love what they do, but they aren’t making any money at it,” she says. “I’ve decided to flip the script. You can have both a passion for what you do and monetary security. It’s about how good you feel every day, how much fun and free time you have, and the overall quality of your life. This contributes largely to my business model, and I’m proud of it.”

The bottom line for Elizabeth is that following your passions and living a life full of purpose is one of the best things you can do for your health.

“Health is about more than just the foods we put in our bodies,” she says. “Life is short, and it’s important to do what inspires you and makes you truly happy. A wise person once said that if you find something you truly love to do, you never have to work a day in your life, and I really do believe it.”