April Showers Bring May Flowers

Rainsticks are often used as a musical instrument because they make a soothing rain-like sound. Make your own rainstick using household items!  


 You will need:
• Paper towel tube
• Brown craft paper
• Tacks and ½-inch nails
• ½ cup rice and/or dry beans
• Marker or crayon
• Pen
• Scissors 
• Tape or glue


How to:
1. Insert the nails and tacks into the tube with the sharp ends inside the tube. A spiral pattern works well. 


2. Next, make the caps for both ends of the paper towel tube. Use one end of the tube to trace a circle on the craft paper. Then, draw another bigger circle around the small one approximately ½-inch apart. Draw 10 lines between the two circles. Cut out the larger circle then cut along each line between the two circles creating paper spokes. Make two of these end caps. 

3. Tape or glue one paper end cap to one end of the tube. 

4. Add your rice and beans. 


5. Tape or glue the second paper end cap to the open end of the tube. 

6. Wrap the tube in brown craft paper. Crush it up before attaching to add a little texture. 

7. Decorate any way you want! Draw lines and dots with a brown marker to make a similar look to a rainstick made from a cactus. Or, cover in colorful construction paper and feathers.