You will need:
• Freezer paper 
• Fabric paint
• Foam paint brush
• Iron
• Plain T-shirt
• Pencil
• Scissors or X-acto knife
• Cardboard to fit inside shirt


How to:
1. Draw your design on a piece of paper (or directly onto the freezer paper). Make sure it's the size you want for your shirt. 

2. On a good cutting surface place freezer paper, waxy side down, over your drawing. Use an X-acto knife to carefully cut out your design. Don’t forget the inside details of your letters or shapes, you’ll need those.

3. Place cardboard inside shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through. 

4. Arrange the freezer paper stencil, waxy side down, on your shirt. Make sure to place any small detail pieces. Remember, you’ll be painting the exposed area of the shirt. 

5. Iron on the stencil using low to medium heat. Check all the edges of your design to make sure they stick to the shirt.

6. Use a sponge brush to apply the first coat of paint to the shirt. Wait 20 minutes or until dry, and do a second coat if needed. 

7. Let fabric paint dry for a few hours or overnight. Remove stencil pieces carefully.