Savvy's Amazing Toddlers

Central Arkansas has some pretty amazing kids! This crew of Amazing Toddlers was nominated by proud parents for their stellar work in achieving milestones, making friends, minding manners and more.

Photography by Lily Darragh, Shot on Location at Museum of Discovery

Amazing Toddlers


Ellie is a girl who knows what she likes—anything pink! This sweet 2-year-old is full of love and silliness that infects all around her! She and Mom, Brittany Paul, live in Maumelle. Here’s what Mom had to say about her little ray of sunshine:

Ellie Ward

“Ellie is a breath of fresh air to everyone she comes into contact with. Although she is only 2, she has a personality that can capture everyone’s heart! She’s not only smart, funny and silly, but she has a remarkable way of making you feel special, loved and needed that not many people can accomplish easily. Ellie is amazing, I am so proud to call her my daughter.”

Jace Kent


This dapper guy is smart, funny and a real team player! At only 4 years old, Jace has impressive manners, can count to 40 and has learned the Hebrew alphabet. At tee ball games, you’ll find him cheering for all of his teammates. Jace and parents Abbie and Danny live in Bryant. Here’s what Mom had to say about her little gentleman:

“Jace is so full of personality, joy and is just plain funny. He’s very outgoing to both kids and adults. He’s already a gentleman—almost always holding the door open for others. His middle name, Asher, means “happy” and he’s always been just that. Even as a baby, always smiling and happy. His tee ball coach nominated him for player of the week for being ‘the perfect example of what a league should teach and represent to our children. His gentle spirit is observed every week as he waits patiently to bat, and waits for each of his teammates at home plate to congratulate them after running the bases.’”

Upton Siddons Jr


This 3-year-old is a friend to everyone, and a handyman-in-the-making! He loves to explore and build with his dad and grandpa, and is quick to introduce himself and make new friends anywhere he goes! Upton, nicknamed ‘Little Up,’ and parents Laura and Upton Sr. live in Little Rock. Here’s what Mom had to say about her friendly guy:

“‘Little Up’ is a fantastic kid who has never met a stranger and loves blazing trails through the wilderness of the Greater Little Rock area. He leads his family on treacherous expeditions through Allsopp Park, often insisting the group take the creek bed instead of the path so that he might discover new exotic mushroom or crawdad specimens. While he does enjoy adventure, he is a cautious and wise leader, and is vigilant about making sure his little brother stays safe. He wastes no time introducing himself to other children we encounter, and promptly declares them ‘friends.’ He never hesitates to reach out to someone who needs a friend, and for that, we are so very proud of him.”

Michael Doan II


This 2-year-old social butterfly lives for greeting his friends each day at daycare with a fist bump, and knows every kid’s name—and their parents. He’s a fast learner and loves to sing and leap around the house. Michael and his parents, Brandi and Michael, live in Little Rock. Here’s what Mom had to say about her “King of the Fist Bump”:

“We have been blessed to have three super-cool kids. Michael Vincent Doan II is our ‘rainbow’ baby whom we call the ‘King of the Fist Bump.’ His dad and I sometimes jokingly refer to Michael II as ‘The Governor of Daycare’ because he knows his ‘constituents,’ greets most anyone with the fist bump, and has an attention to detail that is amazing! He hugs every parent that comes in his classroom and knows which parent belongs to which child! We are so proud of our son and it’s nothing but an honor to watch our terrific toddler do more, be more and love more each and every day!”

Murrell Craiglow


Murrell is a fun-loving, 3-year-old traveler who trekked across the country with his parents on a four-month, 20,000-mile road trip last year. He had a blast, and still insists on sleeping in his sleeping bag at home. Murrell and his parents, Wes and Emily, live in Conway. He was nominated by his aunt, Ashley Vickers, and here’s what she had to say about her ramblin’ nephew:

“Murrell is living life big! This past year, he adventured from Conway to Alaska and back, and explored more than 47 national parks and forests. He spent countless nights under the stars and even laid eyes on several glaciers. This trip was the perfect match for Murrell's adventurous spirit. His parents are world-travelers, and wanted to instill a love of travel in him from a young age. And, to make their experiences even more special, they returned from their travels just in time to send Dad off for a year-long deployment to Kosovo. Luckily, they have pictures and memories from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to keep Murrell feeling close to Wes until he returns in April.”