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Harmony Health Clinic

Who’s Leading? Justin Wise took over as executive director of the organization in 2017. He said the clinic fills a critical need within the community, providing free medical, dental and pharmaceutical services to people in most need of care. 

“One hundred percent of our patients have no insurance,” Wise said. “They have no benefits of any kind. They are the patients that oftentimes get overlooked or slip between the cracks when it comes to health care.  

“Our job is to level that playing field for these patients and to bring health care to them that otherwise they wouldn’t have the opportunity to take part in.”

What’s It All About? Harmony Health Clinic provides a range of medical services, including primary medical, dental and pharmaceutical care, as well as more advanced specialties, including endocrinology, ophthalmology and even health coaching clinics for patients with chronic illnesses.

“In addition to focusing our efforts on the underserved and the uninsured, we have also connected with the VA Hospital to help find veterans who are missing dental coverage and cannot be seen anywhere else,” Wise said. “We work with not just the VA Hospital, but the day treatment centers and several of the veteran nonprofits that are in town, like St. Francis House.”

Where Can I Find It? The health clinic is located at 201 E. Roosevelt Road in Little Rock, across the street from Our House homeless shelter. 

The event will be held at the Clinton Presidential Center beginning at noon Oct. 5.

The event will be held at the Clinton Presidential Center beginning at noon Oct. 5.

When Can I Attend? The organization provides many opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Office support, greeters or handing out food and water to the homeless are just a few random examples of tasks that volunteers complete every day. There’s even a community garden to tend for those who like to work outdoors.

“Folks think, ‘I’m not a medical professional and therefore I can’t volunteer,’ and it’s quite the opposite,” Wise said. “Every single day we are aggressively seeking volunteers that can help. Just pick up the phone to see some of the needs we have at the clinic that you might be able to step in to help.”

Why Is It Important? Without Harmony Health Clinic, the organization’s clientele would be hard-pressed to find decent, quality medical and dental care elsewhere. This is especially true when you consider the reach of the organization through its many partnerships with other groups and agencies in Little Rock.

“We serve the underserved, uninsured segment of the community, the homeless and indigent,” Wise said. “From there, you can drill down to see we provide services for veterans and folks going through some type of a re-entry program. We also partner with Our House and Jericho Way.”

The medical and dental services are an outward expression of the organization’s mission and philosophy — that is, the advancement of social justice through the provision of quality health care to those who are denied it because of various barriers. 

“We believe that universal access to decent health care is integral to the sanctity, development and enjoyment of life, and vital to an individual’s ability to fully realize one’s dignity and potential,” Wise said.

How Can I Help? The group has a unique avenue for community support, and a fun one at that. Harmony Health Clinic owns the rights to the World Cheese Dip Championship and is the sole beneficiary of the proceeds from the annual event.  

“This year’s competition is scheduled for Oct. 5,” Wise said. “Our goal is to have 50 teams competing in one of two categories, either professional or amateur. We’re expecting 10,000 folks to come out and support Harmony Health Clinic and to eat as much cheese dip as they humanly, possibly can.”

The event will be held at the Clinton Presidential Center beginning at noon Oct. 5. 


Harmony Health Clinic
201 E. Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72206