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The Van

Aaron Reddin, founder and board president of The Van.

Aaron Reddin, founder and board president of The Van.

Who’s Leading? Aaron Reddin, founder and board president, has been described as a “crazy, guerrilla homeless advocate.” An Arkansas native, he’s been a tireless voice for the homeless of Central Arkansas for nearly a decade. 

What’s It All About? The Van serves the homeless by going directly where they are—homeless camps, alleyways, under bridges—and distributing food, water, clothing and hygiene products. It is one initiative under the umbrella organization The One, the other being The Field, an urban farm providing fresh produce and a day’s wage for homeless workers. 

Where Can I Find It? The Van operates out of a warehouse and office space at 4500 W. 61st St. in south Little Rock.

When Can I Attend? The Van needs volunteers to ride along and distribute supplies to the homeless. The organization also relies on volunteers to help collect, sort, organize and distribute in-kind donations. This work is done nearly every day of the week, and volunteers work at times and in ways that fit their schedule. 


Why Is It Important? The Van delivers goods that preserve the inherent dignity of every person it encounters. The organization seeks to build relationships with members of the homeless community to identify barriers to obtaining income and housing. It also works to help individuals meet these challenges, thus moving beyond homelessness.  

How Can I Help? Volunteers are always in demand, as are monetary and in-kind donations that drive The Van’s work. Monetary contributions are used to purchase the supplies distributed to people in the community and also help maintain The Van’s vehicles used to distribute supplies to the homeless. To learn more, please visit