Tabletop Garden

Bring a little spring inside with an indoor miniature garden


 You will need:
• Shallow bowl or plate
• Small teacup
• Small plants (We used a succulent and two air plants.)
• Miniature figure 
• Pebbles
• Dirt 
• Moss (optional)


1. Hot glue the teacup to the bowl or plate so it will not move around. Then, replant the succulent into the teacup.

2. Arrange the miniature figure and other plants on the plate, then hot glue them into place. 

3. Pour a thin layer of dirt onto the plate and evenly spread it around the teacup, figure and plants.

4. Arrange the pebbles in a fun design, or create a little walkway on the dirt. 

5. Add the moss in any areas that are bare, or where you would like to add a little green. 

6. Once finished, use a spray bottle to mist the plants every couple of days.