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Thrifty Halloween Thrillers

Halloween is a time for tricks, treats and parties! Whether you are looking for a safe alternative to trick-or-treating or are just in a wicked party spirit, a halloween party is something kids and adults will love.

Story and Styling by Amy Gordy and Katie Hassell, Photography by Katie Childs

Kids of all ages love Halloween. It’s a fun time of year to get creative and let your spooky side shine! Throwing a Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive; there are tons of DIY options for costumes, crafts and edible concoctions that won’t have you slaving away for weeks in preparation. Check out Savvy’s suggestions for how to have a low-budget, high-thrill Halloween. 


Fall Foliage Globe

This easy craft has it all: pretty fall colors, captivating movement and a required nature walk. Go on a hunt for the perfect twig and pinecones to create this autumnal “snow” globe. 

You’ll need:
A Mason jar with a lid and seal
Hot glue gun
Leaf-shaped confetti
Small pinecones

How to:
1. Go for a nature walk and find a tree-like twig and small pinecones. 
2. Hot glue the twig to the inside of the Mason jar lid, hold it and let it set until the glue becomes opaque. Glue the pinecones to the twig. 
3. Add in a couple of handfulls of leaf-shaped confetti and fill the jar ¾ full with water. 
4. Submerge the twig and seal the lid. 



Hanging haunted bats

These hanging cuties are easy and fun for little ones. Feel free to get creative with colors and funny faces and hang them anywhere that needs a spooky touch. 

You’ll need:
Toilet paper tube (or paper towel)
Black tempera paint  
Black construction paper 
Black pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
White chalk pen

How to:
1. Paint the cardboard tubes black and set aside to dry. 
2. While the paint is drying, draw bat wings on the construction paper and cut them out. We made a wing template and traced it on the construction paper to make multiple wings. 
3. After the paint has dried, fold one side of the tube closed, leaving pointed sides for ears. 
4. Glue the bat wings on the back and the googly eyes on the front. Then draw a little smile on the bat face. 
5. Punch two holes in the bottom of your cardboard tube to attach the legs.
6. Cut a black pipe cleaner in half. Twist one end of each pipe cleaner through each punched hole.
7. Curl the bottom of the feet a little to make hooks. This will allow you to hang the bats.