DIY Tiki Torch

Upcycle leftover glass bottles and light up your outdoor space!

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You will need:
• Empty bottle
• ½-inch teflon tape
• ½-by-⅜-inch copper
• ½-inch copper cap
• Copper cable chain
• Tiki replacement wick
• Torch fuel (for safety
   reasons, only use fuel
   made specifically for
   outdoor torches, i.e.
   Tiki brand)
• Small drill bit and drill

How to:First, make sure your bottle is clean and dry. Wrap the coupling in teflon tape (so it fits snugly in the bottle opening) and thread the wick through. Drill a small hole in the side of the copper cap. Connect the clasp to the cap through the hole. Thread the end of the necklace hoop through a link about three inches down and pinch the ends together. Fill the bottle with fuel, and light!