Tin Can Organizer

Tin can organizer

You’ll Need:

Clean tin cans
A scrap piece of wood
Spray paint for metal and wood
Painter’s tape
Hot glue gun
Metal file
Chalkboard label
Chalkboard pen

Tin can organizer

1. Remove labels and glue from your tin cans and clean thoroughly. Be careful of sharp edges!

2. Grab a metal file and file down those rough edges.

3. Paint the wood and set it aside to dry.

4. Use the painter’s tape to create any design you like. We went for stripes and geometric forms. Stencils are great too!

5. Once the paint is dry, peel off the painter’s tape and hot glue to the wood scrap.

6. For added organization, decorate your cans with chalkboard labels. These organizers are great for your office, kitchen, dining table or to set out at your next picnic or cookout!