Vending Machine Valentine's Box

Create this cute vending machine Valentine box with your kids for the classroom party! It's sweet, unique and has plenty of room for cards and candy.

By Amy Gordy

Vending Machine Valentines Day Box

You'll Need

• Glitter paper
• Sparkly pipe cleaners
• Dollar bill
• Black construction paper
• White construction paper
• Shoebox
• Heart stickers
• Silver Sharpie
• Cardboard
• Miniature candies
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors
• Box cutter

Vending Machine Valentine's Day Box

How to

1. Create the vending machine inset by cutting a rectangle out of the front of the shoebox. Cut four strips of cardboard about two inches wide and hot glue them to the sides of the inset to create a box. Cover the inset with white paper.

2. Hot glue miniature candies in two rows inside the inset, and attach hearts with coordinating letters and numbers.

3. Cut out three black squares of construction paper to create the "push" door, "coin return" and dollar intake. Glue them to the box, label with the silver Sharpie and decorate accordingly.

4. Cover the box in red glitter paper, and create the vending buttons to coordinate with the labeled miniature candies.

5. Place the vending machine inset inside the hole and hot glue it. Our shoebox opens from the back so it was easy to hold it in place while the glue dried.