S'more To Love

These fun, campy Valentine treats are unique and easy to assemble—and who doesn't love s'mores?

Valentine's Day S'mores

You'll Need

• Graham crackers
• Chocolate bars
• Marshmallows
• Plastic treat bags
 • Small sticks
• Outdoorsy fabric cut into thin strips or ribbon
• Construction paper

How to

Place a generous square of your favorite chocolate bar, graham cracker and jumbo marshmallows in a small treat bag. Collect some twigs from the yard to add an authentic look, and when you tie the bag shut attach the twig with a strip of buffalo check or bandana print fabric. Don't forget to add a little love note signed by the sender, and attach it to the bags.


I Get So Emojinal, Baby!

Text-savvy kids love emojis, and these happy, heart-eyed faces are really cute and simple to make.

Emoji DIY Valentine
Valentine Emoji

You'll Need

• Yellow and black construction paper
• Heart-shaped, individually wrapped candy
• Emoji sticker
• A glue stick
• Tape
• Scissors

How to

Draw a large circle on the yellow construction paper (we used an upside down cereal bowl to get the perfect shape). Cut out the yellow circle and then cut out a slightly upturned half-moon shape from the black construction paper. Come up with an emoji-themed sentiment and either write it on the back or print and glue it. Tape a few emoji stickers to the back for an added bonus, and tape two heart-shaped, individually wrapped candies to create the emjoi's eyes.